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          Contact us

          Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd.

           NO.3,West Road,Dafeng Economic and Technological Development Zone,Yancheng city,Jiangsu,China


          mail.png yaping.zhu@likenever.com



          Company profile


          Jiangsu LIYAN Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2004, the registered capital of 86.14 million yuan, the bank credit AAA level. Company is specialized in automobile forging, precision forging products such as hydraulic engineering, mining machinery research and development, production and sales, including fine forging auto system covering transmission system, steering system and transmission system, etc. The company's products won the SDS, GKN, firm, Danfoss, Kennametal customer recognition, etc.

          Company existing staff more than 300 people, has professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, with a capacity for independent innovation, with independent intellectual property rights, to master advanced plastic forming design development and manufacture of core technology, using cold warm precision forging forming technology of the national high and new technology enterprise. Company has a provincial engineering technology research center and in the domestic well-known colleges and universities and research institute has a close cooperative relationship. Company now has 27 of the patent authorization, including 12 pieces for a patent for invention and utility model 15 pieces.

          Has passed TS16949 quality system certification, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 certification, and obtain certificate of safety production standardization.

          Company is committed to cold warm forging industry and focus on the development of the industry in the field to do fine and stronger, service to customer Liken, go together, create a world class fine forging manufacture enterprise.


          Copyright @ 2016 Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved.

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