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          Teach you: car steering system maintenance

          Teach you: car steering system maintenance

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          1 in the direction of oil, the first sewage pump will start, and then the old steering oil pumping clean.

          2 will be the new direction of oil poured in, and then turn around the steering wheel, so that the new oil penetration, so that it can play some role in cleaning. In order to penetrate thoroughly, we can kill the reverse disc, and then, and then slightly about the direction of rotation. However, we do not have a long time to kill the steering wheel, the direction of the oil will be emitted.

          3 again, turn to the oil, then inject new direction oil, then turn the steering wheel again.

          4 will be the third time the direction of oil suction, the repeated operation is to ensure that the old oil is completely clean. Then inject new oil. Experts advise that any oil can not be mixed.

          5 start the vehicle, you will hear the abnormal sound, this is the oil in the cycle, and slowly will not sound. But can not be long time to empty the car, otherwise it will destroy the booster pump.

          Recommended for every forty thousand to fifty thousand km or 2-3 years, the direction of oil should be replaced.

          If it is found that the direction of oil in the following scale, color thinning oil or oil black, that to change the direction of oil.

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