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          Contact us

          Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd.

           NO.3,West Road,Dafeng Economic and Technological Development Zone,Yancheng city,Jiangsu,China


          mail.png yaping.zhu@likenever.com



          Congratulations to the Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd.

          Congratulations to the Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd.

          Release date:2016-10-18 00:00 Source:http://www.shenboyulea.com Click:

          In order to meet the needs of the development of the company, set up the image of the company, to meet customer understanding of the company's products through the network, to provide customers with a better online services Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd. the new site in 2016-10-18 line!

          The site with a new design concept, easy to service users, sincerely hope that your visit, Jiangsu LIKEN Technology Co., Ltd. website has become the bridge and link we know each other, enhance friendship and strengthen cooperation.

          The website focuses on the products, and it also improves the business news, company introduction, engineering cases, sales outlets and other modules. The company's new web site to update the product introduction module, adding the latest product announcements and industry dynamics, team presentations, qualification certificates and other modules. In the product module, product classification more clear, on models and functions of products presented more clearly; the enterprise news module we will regularly publish the latest dynamic enterprise of our company, the listing of new products and new technologies, new industry related information. The latest products announced we will keep the company's main products and new product information show here, convenient for consumers to quickly understand the company. Add a lot of links and other functional buttons, easy to use and so on.

          In this, we also want to thank the support of friends, in the future we hope to better product quality and more efficient service to return the majority of our customers support and love. For more details, please contact our company, we are looking forward to your friends!

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